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Experience her beauty and immerse yourself in the many facets that make up this captivating country such as magnificent landscapes, enchanting culture and famous hospitality, all on the ever reliable BMW R1200 GS.

Discover Malaysia


A Gastronomical Treat Awaits

Malaysian food is not only colorful, spicy and eclectic – but also downright tasty. With such a pulsating diversity of food styles, Malaysia is a fabulous place to enjoy the art of eating and drinking. Rice is the staple food in Malaysia and the sheer variety of dishes made with rice is astounding.
Malaysians enjoy rice with a variety of curries, vegetables and meat. It’s usually eaten for lunch and dinner.

Being a multicultural nation, Malaysia’s food is as varied as her people. From the staple Malay breakfast Nasi Lemak to the Chinese favourite Char Kuey Teow and the ever-popular Indian Banana Leaf Rice; you’re in for quite a feast.

Roti Canai Satay Fresh Lala Steamed fish Malaysian sweets Kelapa


A Goldmine of Cultural Significance

No other country in the world boasts the cultural diversity of Malaysia. Her cultural mosaic is marked by many races, mainly the Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Malaysia is also home to a dizzying array of indigenous tribes. Although each of these cultures has vigorously maintained its traditions and community structures, they have also blended together to create contemporary Malaysia's uniquely diverse heritage. When you visit Malaysia, you’ll be treated to a wealth of cultural and racial diversity that is colourful, unique and full of charm.


Steeped in Heritage

There's no better way to discover the soul of a destination than through its majestic monuments enveloped in historical significance. This holds true for Malaysia’s magnificent heritage sites.

From Melaka’s A’ Famosa, the oldest surviving European architecture in Malaysia, to the vibrant and historically rich city of Georgetown in Penang, you’ll never be short of places to visit.

Georgetown and Melaka are so historically valuable that they have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


A Slice of Paradise

Whether you are a nature lover who loves to explore bountiful flora and fauna, or looking to soak up the sun on some of the world's most beautiful tropical beaches and islands, Malaysia offers picturesque landscapes that evoke awe at every turn. Located at the centre of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is also home to an array of islands that are popular diving and snorkeling destinations. Its crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs make for an undersea adventure that will leave you speechless. Take a walk through her 130 million-year-old rainforest, and discover a plethora of flora and fauna; some of which are only found in this part of the world. These forests are the oldest and most complex in the world with over 15,000 species of flowering plants and trees and 185,000 animal species. Hike up her majestic mountains for an unforgettable view and cool down with a dip in one of the many breathtaking waterfalls.

The Definitive Road CruiserTHE BMW R1200 GS

A bike that practically never fails, the BMW R1200 GS is the perfect workhorse for the adventure tourer. The “GS” isn’t just able to handle everything; it’s actually built to do so. And in this synthesis of easy handling, supreme touring suitability, off-road potential and comfort for rider and pillion passenger, there’s simply no other motorcycle which does it better.

We also provide daily and weekly bike rental upon request.